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application *crosses fingers*

.The Application.

The Basics...
♥name- georgie
♥age//birthdate- 14 / June 6th
♥location- scranton, PA
♥odd talent- i can comfortably fit in a small crevace...(duffelbag, suitcase, locker, etc)

♥color- green
♥ice cream flavor- moose tracks, panda paws, same thing
♥baby names- zoe, presephone (sophie for short), jim bob (james robert), rufus
♥ramen noodle flavor- chicken. whooo hooo!
♥animal- mongoose
♥subject in school- espanol
♥beauty product- dove shampoo
♥bands//singers- greenday, fall out boy, starting line, matchbook romance, coheed & cambria, unwritten law, dropkick murphys, flogging molly, toxic intolerance, the used, rise against, all american rejects, bowling for soup, manson, mest, avril..yes, i said AVRIL! taking back sunday, hawthore heights, silverstein, atreyu, chevelle, leftover crack, a perfect circle, afi, and a whole sheet-load of others
♥song- holiday [greenday], oor...the pros and cons of breathing [fall out boy]
zeig heil to the president gasman
bombs away is your punishment
pulverize the eiffel towers
who critisize ur governmet
bang bang goes the broken glass man
kill all the fags that dont agree
trials by fire setting fire
is not the way it was MEANT FOR ME!

Think about it... explain
♥college or no? psh, yea! i wanna be a photographer
♥shakespeare overrated? shakespeare was a crackhead [no offence to the shakespearian arteests] im'a just statin my opinion
♥politics? fuck politics, they anger me. pshh, hypocrites
♥pornography? thats only for ppl who cant get any
♥gay marriage? of course, we're all people, we should all have the same rights to choose whoever we want to marry
♥drugs//drinking? drugs...ick / drinking...its fun once in a while but i drink RESPONSIBLY!!
♥rap//r&b? eminem's ok sometimes i guess....but any others blow, rappers are so full of themselves. its all about material possesions, like if ya dont have a bentley ur not cool, i just dont get it
♥bulimia//anorexia? im happy w/ who i am and i dont need to starve myself for satisfaction
♥suicide? the weenie's way out

♥coffee- cappuchino
♥halloween- mike meyers
♥spam- pain in the arse to open
♥city- kiss me beautiful
♥rubberband- essential accessory for every day
♥mtv- blechh, fuse is better
♥rock- mosh pits

♥ Promote to at least 1 community and give a direct link please.
promo: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_guesswhat/25004.html

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 random one... you aren't judged on how you look...I just wanna see you.♥

i would, but i dont know how. i have the techonlogical advantage of an amish grandmother. i just now figured out how to use an lj cut!! one baby step at a time....

please be gentle!!
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