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The Application.

The Basics...
♥name- Jessie R.
♥age//birthdate- 20// 1.22.1985
♥location- ohio
♥odd talent- hmm.... i can stay awake for days... i think thats insomnia though

♥color- Baby Blue
♥ice cream favor- Coffee or Dark Chocolate
♥baby names- Joshua David
♥ramen noodle flavor- beef
♥animal- White Snow Tiger
♥subject in school- Math or Science... i'm a geek.
♥beauty product- Bed Head shine conditioner
♥bands//singers- Three Doors Down// David from distrubed, avril lavenge, alanis morsette
♥song- you oughta know, if i could be like that
♥lyric- if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.

Think about it... explain
♥college or no? yes in college right now, studing to be a Chemical Engineer and minor in culinary
♥shakespeare overrated? no, in his time no one could do what he did, his stories have survived for many years and are still studied and loved by the entire world. people may say he is overrated and was not that talented, but looking back not many writers have had an impact like he has. so no i don't believe he is overrated
♥politics? i'm liberal, i don't pick a side(republican or democrate) i go by what the canidate has to say and how they handle themselves. i'm open to talk to everyone about any topic, but do not push your opinions down my throat and i won't do that to you.
♥pornography? it's art, it's entertaining. either you like it or you don't i'm not gonna knock you down either way. freedom of choice is great.
♥gay marriage? all for the right for two people who love each other to tell the world who much that other person means to them. doesn't matter what their genders are, who am i to say they can't be happy.
♥drugs//drinking? antidrugs for me, my friends do them and i'll always tell them how i feel but in the end it's their decision// drinking? i like to. i love the taste of a good dark beer and jager and whiskey's are great too... drinking is a privilage not a right. don't fucking abuse it.
♥rap//r&b? i get into some, but the stuff about sex drugs money and whores... i can't stand that stuff// r&b can be fun to listen to but it's not one of my favorites
♥bulimia//anorexia? both are disease, i was anorexia for a year and it did soo much damage to my body... i strong suggest no one think about ever turning to these for an answer.
♥suicide? wrong... no faith looks upon it well... along with the fact just because you think things are bad doesn't mean they won't get better... always look good stuff in life.

♥coffee- mmmmm, drink it black or over ice... starbucks rocks. but they're soo damn pricey
♥halloween- ooo one of my favorite holidays... for me it last all month long. trick-or-treat
♥spam- damn that spam
♥city- Kiss me beautiful- Paris or Keywest
♥rubberband- gun
♥mtv- moive awards
♥rock- and roll and roll and rock and rock and roll (if one person can tell me where that's from i will love you forever. no one has heard of it... and it rocks)

♥ Promote to at least 1 community and give a direct link please.
promo: go here its cool.

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 random one... you aren't judged on how you look...I just wanna see you.♥
i love my apple juice, i loves it good
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me at my sisters wedding, trying to eat before i had to get her ready and be in the wedding.
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Random picture:
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