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The World Is Pretty Sometimes

.The Application.

The Basics...
♥age//birthdate-16- 2/15/88
♥location-Cape Coma, Florida
♥odd talent- Wouldent you like to know

♥color- Grey
♥ice cream favor- Choc Chip Cookie Dough
♥baby names- Roxy, Josh
♥ramen noodle flavor- All of the Above
♥animal- Cat
♥subject in school-Anatomy
♥beauty product- Clean and Clear morning burst
♥bands//singers- Coheed and Cambria, New Found Glory, Chronic Future, THe used
♥song- A Favor House Atlantic
♥lyric- Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you, you are my only one.

Think about it... explain
♥college or no?yea I wanna be a Dr.
♥shakespeare overrated? Yes. He cant speak proper english
♥politics? Goooo Kerry! And gooooo Free Speech!
♥pornography? Sure..>? Or..not.
♥gay marriage? Yup..they have juss as much right as we do.
♥drugs//drinking? Nah....Straight edge.
♥rap//r&b? Sure...
♥bulimia//anorexia? Nah...
♥suicide? Nah...

♥coffee- Yum! Starbucks Carmel Freezer!
♥halloween- Yup...gotta get free food somehow...
♥spam- EWWWWWW
♥city-Kiss Me Beautiful
♥rubberband- They hurt.
♥mtv- Needs to play more MUSIC...go FUSE!
♥rock- Hella yeah.

♥ Promote to at least 1 community and give a direct link please.
promo: fortmyers..cause i live in the area...

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 random one... you aren't judged on how you look...I just wanna see you.♥ the bottom ones are most recent.
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