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.The Application.

The Basics...
♥name- Sheena
♥age//birthdate- 15, December 17, 1988
♥location- Michigan
♥odd talent- Um.... I've got an unusually fat tongue (i know that isn't an odd talent, but i don't have any...)

♥color- orange and pink
♥ice cream favor- cookie dough, moosetrack
♥baby names- Lola, Farrah, Noah
♥ramen noodle flavor- Beef
♥animal- Penguin, Koala
♥subject in school- Art
♥beauty product- Chapagne and Strawberries from Victoria Secret
♥bands//singers- Maroon 5, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Christina Aguilera, Bonnie McKee
♥song- "Secret" Maroon 5
♥lyric- "I know i don't konw you, but i want you, so bad. everyone has a secret, oh, can they keep it, oh no they can't"

Think about it... explain
♥college or no? yeah, do what you do to get where you want to be
♥shakespeare overrated? no, shakespeare wrote some of the most beautiful literature.
♥politics? I'm not really into politics. Maybe its because i'm younger, but right now, i don't really cares whos president, just as long as our country is protected
♥pornography? There is nothing wrong with it. if people want to be involved in pornography, lets them... its a free will
♥gay marriage? Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Nobody can help who they are in love with, or who they are attracted to.
♥drugs//drinking? Again, its a free will i feel i have no right to judge
♥rap//r&b? i love both. just two different styles of music, and two different ways to express yourself.
♥bulimia//anorexia? I would truly hope, nobody feels compelled to starve themselves.
♥suicide? its a sad and selfish thing for someone to take away their lives, and hurt the ppl around them who care

♥coffee- give me!
♥halloween- a holiday w/ free candy... need i say more?
♥spam- kittens!
♥city- jelly beans
♥rubberband- pink!
♥mtv- ... halloween!
♥rock- party like its 1999

♥ Promote to at least 1 community and give a direct link please.

um... i'm lj illiterate, and i don't know how to put in pix and stuff like that... so, someone feel free to teach me!
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