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This is randomly_kosher. we are awesome here. we like people and we applaude openess and honesty. yes we are wierd. yea, sometimes we are interesting. Think you are randomly kosher? See what we think

your fantabulous mod, Erin.

(read these, if you don't we will know, and it will piss us off. Assume all the rules say please before them :D)

1.Do not be a jerk. This is a rating community, if you are applying, it means you understand. not everyone has to like you. Don't be rude. We aren't five. Also members. there is no need to be rude to the applicants.

2.You may give a few reasons why, but make it brief. Try not to attack people. If you fight, I will be angry.

3.Apply within 48 hours of joining. If you don't, I will comment on your journal once to remind you, after that you will be removed.

4.Stay active. Why join if you don't want to?

5.On question 4 in "random-ness" answer: Kiss me beautiful. so I know you read the rules.

6.Do NOT judge people on how they look, Thats just dumb.

7.Put your application under a cut titled- The world is pretty sometimes.

8.If you get rejected, you can re-apply in 48 hours. you may reapply 1 time.


8.When you comment on a application make your title clearly yes or no.

10.Answer every question. If you don't have anything to say, Tell us why.

Please take a look at Randomly_Kosher's Sister community find_the_emo
our friend lyds_martie is the mod and creator, The people there are really awesome! go check it out!!!

!Promotion Banners!

.The Application.

The Basics...
♥odd talent-

♥ice cream favor-
♥baby names-
♥ramen noodle flavor-
♥subject in school-
♥beauty product-

Think about it... explain
♥college or no?
♥shakespeare overrated?
♥gay marriage?


♥ Promote to at least 1 community and give a direct link please.

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself and 1 random one... you aren't judged on how you look...I just wanna see you.♥

Thanks Darlings.
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